Merger of the Company ''BIOSAR Energy SA'' from ''AKTOR ATE''

Οn December 28th 2012, the Merger Agreement, dated from 14/12/2012, between -AKTOR SA - Construction Company- and -BIOSAR Energy SA- Commercial, Industrial and Construction Company-, has been registered at the Directorate of Registers and Development of Information Systems, by absorption of the latter company from the former in accordance with the combined provisions of Articles 68 paragraph 2, 69-77 and 78 of Codified 2190/1920 and Articles 1-5 of L.2166/1993, as applicable, which will be announced by publication in the Government Gazette.

After this transformation, -BIOSAR- is solved without going into liquidation and all the activities whose object falls from the (related) to those contracts of the Company and all trade relations continue, without any formality, from the acquiring company ?AKTOR SA ? Construction Company? which as successor enters entirely on the rights and obligations of the absorbed company.

Therefore, from 28/12/2012 onwards, all transactions and dealings with any third parties and/or contractors will be carried out by the acquiring company -AKTOR SA- Construction Company?.

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